KSSA Indian Open Scrabble Championship 2022 – Sponsored by Mu Sigma

110 participants gathered at the Mu Sigma campus between May 26th and 29th 2022, to play in the KSSA Indian Open Scrabble Championship. They came from across the country - from Assam to Baroda, New Delhi to Cochin, as well as from Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, Bahrain and Dubai. The KSSA Indian Open was sponsored by … Continue reading KSSA Indian Open Scrabble Championship 2022 – Sponsored by Mu Sigma

A New Star at the KSSA Virtual Tourney

August 29th, 2021 The KSSA Virtual Tourneys are held every 4-6 weeks. The tournament was held as always on Woogles with 48 players, across 3 divisions. The back end machinery is set up by Anuj Shetty of the KSSA with a live Tourney page. Players get the feel and flavor of participating in a live … Continue reading A New Star at the KSSA Virtual Tourney

About KSSA Scrabble

The Karnataka State Scrabble Association (KSSA) started back in 1998 as the Bangalore Scrabble Club (BSC). Spearheaded by Rex and Lennie D'Souza, the Bangalore Scrabble Club quickly became a catalyst for enthusiastic Scrabble players to excel at tournament play. BSC soon expanded its scope to include all of Karnataka and become the KSSA. The KSSA … Continue reading About KSSA Scrabble

KSSA Indian Open May 2022

Tourney Data Prize-Winners Results Photo Gallery Players WESPA Ratings Tourney Announcement Prize Winners Return to Top Results Open Division Premier Division Challenger Division Enthusiast Division Open Division RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game125–8+2129Sherwin Rodrigues (#2)2W:482-431:#18223–10+1419Marlon Prudencio (#1)1W:422-378:#4322–11+1271Aditya Iyengar (#4)2L:378-422:#1420–13+918Udayan Grover (#8)2W:390-341:#11519–14+562Samrath Bhatia (#11)1L:341-390:#8619–14+277Mohan Chunkath (#5)1W:485-398:#12718–15+692Madhav Kamath (#14)1W:478-376:#20818–15+434Rahil Parkar (#12)2L:398-485:#5918–15+250Sanjoy Gupta (#7)2W:426-384:#31018–15−189Ishika Shivalingaiah (#20)2L:376-478:#141117–16+571Anuj Shetty (#19)1W:399-353:#91217–16+143Irfan Siddiqui (#3)1L:384-426:#71317–16+96Anand Buddhdev (#9)2L:353-399:#191417–16+76Pramit Rao (#30)2W:423-274:#61517–16−262Karen Richards (#10)2W:461-408:#291616–17+332Rajveer Rawlin (#6)1L:274-423:#301716–17+33Ekansh Arora (#26)2W:462-394:#221816–17−818Suyash Manchali (#29)1L:408-461:#101916–17−981Pankaj Bolaki (#23)1W:512-335:#162015–18+253Sudhir Kamath (#22)1L:394-462:#262115–18+119Rajeev Menon (#21)2W:431-386:#172215–18−457Shaikh Ahmed (#16)2L:335-512:#232315–18−793Bhushan Pradhan (#25)1W:408-400:#272414–19−434Yash Potnis (#17)1L:386-431:#212514–19−1339Rehet Bhatia (#27)2L:400-408:#252613–20−455Rustom Deboo (#24)2W:482-452:#152713–20−708Mangala … Continue reading KSSA Indian Open May 2022

The Grand Old Man of Scrabble

From playing on a home made Scrabble Board, to the regular cardboard one, to the rotating board, and then the iPad - in the 60+ years of playing Scrabble, T Chidambaram (TC) has played Scrabble on every kind of board invented so far. He has inspired and enabled competitive Scrabble in a very special and … Continue reading The Grand Old Man of Scrabble

Oakwood Residence Prestige

Link to Book Hotel at KSSA Rates https://reservations.travelclick.com/112121?identifier=KSSA Without Breakfast Residence TypeCarpet Area (Square meters)Tariff Single  occupancyTariff Double   occupancyStudio Superior48 Square metersINR 4000 + TaxesINR 4750+ TaxesStudio Deluxe58  Square metersINR 5000 + TaxesINR 5750 + Taxes Inclusions: 1.    Complimentary Wi-Fi  (Three device*)  2.    Complimentary daily newspaper -- Online  3.    Complimentary daily two bottles of water  4.    Complimentary usage of swimming … Continue reading Oakwood Residence Prestige

Special Rates at ALoft for Tourney

Greetings! Please find the below mentioned hotel policies. Guaranteed booking policyAll guaranteed rooms are held until the end of the day. Failure to arrive will incur a non-arrival fee of one night’s accommodation on specified guarantee typeCancellation PolicyShould you wish to cancel the booking, you will need to advise the hotel before 24 hrs prior … Continue reading Special Rates at ALoft for Tourney

Holiday Inn Express Special Rates

HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS BENGALURU WHITEFIELD ITPL Holiday Inn Express, a mainstream select service hotel chain from InterContinental HotelsGroup (IHG) is one of the fastest growing hotel brands in the country. The brand is a preferredchoice for an increasing number of travelers who need a simple, engaging place to rest andrecharge.Start the day right with our … Continue reading Holiday Inn Express Special Rates

SS Sept21 Word Study – Takes ABLE as a Suffix

The word study for September 2021 is 3 and 4 letter words in CSW19 that take ABLE as a suffix to form a 7 or 8 letter word. You can find the full list of words here There are 293 words in total We've chunked these up into more absorbable chunks of about 30 words … Continue reading SS Sept21 Word Study – Takes ABLE as a Suffix


Today's CrossGram A Blank CrossGram Xerafin and Zyzzyva are among the tools used for word study. Aerolith is a great quizzing and word power testing tool. CrossGrams are a fun way to try out anagramming and learn or recall words you may not get a chance to use everyday. CrossGrams look like Crossword Puzzles, but … Continue reading CrossGrams